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Max Graham || Interview by DJ EleMir || AfterMovie

Posted by on Sep 14, 2012 in news

Max Graham || Interview by DJ EleMir || AfterMovie

Interviewer – Mir “TranceAddict” Shoaib aka DJ EleMir

Interviewee – Max Graham


Mir – How did your love for trance start?

Max – Somewhere along the way when i discovered BT and Sasha, i wouldn’t say it’s a love fro trance as a love for music in general. I love Melody and Energy and although

that’s prominent in trance it’s also in lots of other styles too. As melody and emotion grab me the most i love anything with that which includes Trance, Classical, Drum and Bass,

Ambient, Downtempo, Progressive. The list goes on but it has to have melody and emotion.

Mir – What tips do you have for aspiring DJs and/or producers?

Max Aspiring Dj’s is a tough one as Djing has changed so much since i started, originally i would have said master the craft of combining two tracks to make something even better, like a great drum track

with a track that has a great bassline but maybe weak drums. Learn to program a long set and be patient with your hits, don’t give them what they want for a couple of hours and then the payoff is that much better. But alas things are diff now as most trance/prog tracks are designed to be played alone so the mixing is short and to the point. Today i would just suggest that younger djs try to look beyond the obvious tracks and develop their own sound. unfortunately most fans aren’t listening to how a young dj djs but rather what his production sounds like. So i guess that’s the second part. To a young DJ my advice would be to produce, and to a young producer it would be to be yourself, don’t be afraid to step outside what you think will do well or make it onto a radio show or beatport chart. Forge your own path, make what you love and find people who love it.


MirWho are some of your favorite artists? It can be any genre, past or present.

Max Sade, Etta James, Bjork, Zeppelin, Sasha and Digweed, BT, Gorecki, Hybrid… moving me right now in my scene are Protoculture, Steve Haines, Johan Malmgren, Juventa, Estiva, Future disciple. So much talent 🙂

Mir – What do you think of the current popularity of EDM? How do you think it affects the quality of the music?

Max Well it sucks to see some guys who make the music i want to play move to a diff sound but i respect their decision. The gigs i’ve had i play what i want and the crowd has been responsive

so it doesn’t affect me or my production/gigs.


Mir – Where do you see trance heading in 5 years?

Max Haha that famous question that everyone asks for some reason, no clue and that’s the best part.


Mir – What’s the craziest thing a fan has ever done to/for you?

Max When someone drives 13 hours i’m pretty blown away. I’ve had people give me drawings they’ve made that obviously took some serious effort. Pretty incredible.


Mir – What would you have done if you hadn’t become a DJ/Producer?

Max i wanted to be an architect, probably would have done that for sure had i not fallen into djing.


Mir – What are your thoughts on dubstep?

Max I have none.


Mir – What is your favorite city to play in?

Max Diff ones for Diff reasons, Buenos Aires comes to mind, they don’t face the dj, just 3k people who stay until 8am dancing and focusing only on the music. They are one of the most amazing crowds to play for and they completely leave you alone to play but listen to every beat you drop and react accordingly. it’s so fun to play there (link to live set recorded at pacha buenos aires for the article )


Mir – What’s your favorite drink?

Max Water closely followed by Beer / Wine and Gin Tonics 😀