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EDM Confessions | See What’s Being Confessed

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EDM Confessions | See What’s Being Confessed

Finally you can say what you want about EDM, any thing you need to confess? Don’t worry even admins cannot see what you answer to this questions. We have no idea who posts in our survey but the answers are hilarious, sometimes hits home, and just off the wall crazy at times!

Here is the Facebook Page to EDM Confessions, Submit your confession here in the survey

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ATB Tonight in Htown

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ATB Tonight in Htown

ATB – Distant Earth Tour | 01.14 | Stereo Live


ATB @ Stereo Live: Houston, Texas 2012
By Vance Lawrence

ATB: Stereo Live 2012 2.0
By Vance Lawrence

Local Support by:

– Jeff Chen
– Albert Fix

– Aleks D
– Charles Bell
– JC Vanegas
– Tager N Funk


In the late 80s on the weekend Andre frequented club Tarm Center in Bochum, to listen to the music of DJ Thomas Kukula (better known as the General Base). In 1992, he decided himself to do music composition. His equipment consisted of an Amiga computer and a small synthesizer. Thomas, seeing a young boy, he offers to work in his recording studio to finish the song. In the studio, Andre used his first professional synthesizer Sequential Pro One, which gave him the idea to name his first project Sequential One.

Tanneberger started his music career at the dance music group Sequential One. He was the brain of the group from 1993 to 2002. In February 1993 under the name of Andre Sequential One released their debut single «Dance» and «Let Me Hear You». Singles brought them small financial benefits – Andre gained the opportunity to organize a mini-studio. In 1994 the band increased by 3 members: Ulrich Poppelbaum, Woody van Eyden and vocalist Morfa. In the early 1995 House Nation label on the first album Sequential One «Dance».

After the great success in his native Germany, Sequential One gradually became known in other countries of Europe. The second album, «Energy» apart from Germany, was also released in the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and Hungary. Despite the success and growing popularity of two members of the project – Woody van Eyden and Morpha – still left him in 1998. In the group were only Andre and Ullrich. In 1999 Sequential One ceased to exist. But shortly before the collapse, Andre managed to release the last single «Angels» and album of the best works of «Decades».

In 1998, Tanneberger also started a solo project named ATB. His first track under this name was “9pm (Till I Come),” included in the Movin’ Melodies album, which topped the United Kingdom music charts in 1999 and is widely regarded as the UK’s first trance number one.[4] The track features a guitar riff that became hugely popular. This guitar sound, which he accidentally found while experimenting with a new producing deck[citation needed], became the trademark of his early hits. ATB continues to evolve and change with every album. His current style involves more vocals and varied sounds, with frequent pianos.

Despite only releasing a few more singles in the UK, namely “Don’t Stop!” and “Killer,” he still regularly releases music in his native Germany and in other parts of Europe, where he has scored big hits such as “I Don’t Wanna Stop” and his cover of Olive’s 1996 hit “You’re Not Alone.”

Two Worlds (released in 2000) was his second studio album. It is a two-disc album based upon the concept of different types of music for different moods. The titles of the two CDs are: “The World of Movement” and “The Relaxing World.” This album includes two songs featuring Heather Nova: “Love Will Find You” and “Feel You Like a River.” Also the song “Let U Go” features on the “The World of Movement” disc featuring the vocals of Roberta Carter Harrison from the Canadian pop band Wild Strawberries.

His third album, Dedicated, was released in 2002. It includes two top hits: “Hold You” and “You’re Not Alone.” The title refers to the September 11 attacks. In 2003, ATB released Addicted To Music, which included hits such as “I Don’t Wanna Stop” and “Long Way Home.” The same year, ATB’s first DVD was released, Addicted To Music DVD. It featured all his videos, a tour documentary and photographs.

ATB’s hits “Ecstasy” and “Marrakech” came from the album No Silence (2004). “Marrakech” was also included on the soundtrack for the film Mindhunters.

In 2005, ATB released Seven Years, a compilation album of 20 songs, including all his singles. Additionally, Seven Years includes six new tracks, including the single “Humanity” and the 2005 rework of “Let U Go.” Many of ATB’s recent albums have featured vocals from Roberta Carter Harrison, singer for the Canadian band Wild Strawberries.

His next album, Trilogy, was released on 4 May 2007. The single “Justify” was released from The DJ 4 in the Mix compilation. The single “Renegade” was released on 12 April 2007, and features Heather Nova. The third single was “Feel Alive,” released in July the same year.

In a interview on 11 May 2007, ATB considered “Don’t Stop!” to be his worst production to date, and he no longer stands by it, due to it being similar to his first hit, “9pm (Till I Come).”[5]


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Free Calvin Harris Ticket for the Moist Interesting Moist Tag!

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Free Calvin Harris Ticket for the Moist Interesting Moist Tag!


HOUSTON 1/27 ———————————————— DALLAS 1/28

We are giving away a Calvin Harris ticket to 1/27/2012 concert at Stereo Live for the moist interesting moist tag – that means any picture, image, photo, sketch, on any media platform from your phone from imgur from literally anywhere is game!!! let the moisture begin!!! tag moist things in the picture or send us an image ( post on our wall so that we can judge the most moist picture!!! Here is an example of a moist pic we took like an hour ago!!


———————————————-MORE MUSIC————————————————————

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