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Free Calvin Harris Ticket for the Moist Interesting Moist Tag!

Posted by on Jan 12, 2012 in news

Free Calvin Harris Ticket for the Moist Interesting Moist Tag!


HOUSTON 1/27 ———————————————— DALLAS 1/28

We are giving away a Calvin Harris ticket to 1/27/2012 concert at Stereo Live for the moist interesting moist tag – that means any picture, image, photo, sketch, on any media platform from your phone from imgur from literally anywhere is game!!! let the moisture begin!!! tag moist things in the picture or send us an image ( post on our wall so that we can judge the most moist picture!!! Here is an example of a moist pic we took like an hour ago!!


———————————————-MORE MUSIC————————————————————

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Vance Dance to Debut his “Moist” Track

Posted by on Jan 9, 2012 in news

Vance Dance to Debut his “Moist” Track

Moist debut on Vance Dance TONIGHT

So I promised the “Moist Things” Crew in Houston that I would one day make a track named “Moist”. Well, “Moist” is complete and will be making it’s Vance Dance Live debut tonight 🙂

Also on the line-up, 3 hours of the the newest and best in EDM for you to judge as we pick which tracks will be the next big things to rock the world. If there’s a song you like and want, let me know on the Livestream chat, and you will get hooked up with the track info on the spot 🙂

Throughout the night’s spins, we’ll also be talking about the upcoming shows:
ATB at Stereo Live on Jan 14
Avicii January 19
Calvin Harris on Jan 27
Steve Aoki on Feb 2
Dayglow coming back to the Lone Star State
A couple others 🙂

The link is here at and will be going on from 9:30PM CST – 12:30AM CST :-

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